Office Drinking Water System

Hot, Cold, Sparkling and Ambient Options

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Customers continue to tell us that they are happy that they never have to deal with the hassles, costs and wastes that occur with all bottled water services in their business. No one has to deal with monthly or semi-monthly orders, storing the water bottles in the office and one of the most unpopular tasks in the office - changing out those heavy water bottles - when you hire ClearView Water.

We are convenient and a cool new look for your office, break room or waiting area.

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ION Model: 901 902 904 905
Dispenses Ambient/Cold Cold/Hot Sparkling/Cold/Hot Ambient/Cold/Hot
Dimensions (WxDxH) 13″x17″x16.1″ 13″x17″x16.1″ 13″x17″x16.1″ 13″x17″x16.1″
Counter Top yes! yes! yes! yes!
Stand Available yes! yes! yes! yes!
Featured Color Titanium/Charcoal trim
Available Colors
(special order)
Blue/Titanium trim, Titanium/Blue trim, Charcoal/Titanium trim
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